Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What type of projects do you design?

A: As an architect, I like variety. I take on projects, both large and small, from large, new home constructions down to single room renovations. The only criterion is that design must be important to the client, so we can add value to project. My firm also designs commercial projects, typically in the service and hospitality sector. Recent projects include an animal hospital, medical clinic, and a winery event centre


Q: How much does it cost to get house plans drawn?  

A: This depends on many factors: the size and scope of your project, as well as range of the design services you request. Our service includes design, not just drafting. During our first meeting with you as a new client, we determine what sort of services are needed for the project. Then a fee proposal is prepared for your review.


Q: How long will the design phase take?

A:  This, too, depends upon the scope and complexity of the project. The design phases have many iterations, and so the total time also relies on your availability for feedback and approvals. Generally, a new house will typically take several months to design, from initial concept through to construction documents.


Q: What is your design style?

A: I don’t work in a particular architectural style. I’ve always been most interested in the client/architect collaboration to design projects that respond to your goals and aspirations. Recent residential work includes a very modern new home, a mid-century modern renovation, and a neo-Georgian style renovation Our designs are very eclectic, and I like to use traditional materials ( wood, glass, concrete, and metal) as I’m not a big fan of vinyl. In all of my projects, I’m very conscious of the connection of the building to the landscape, both in immediate and distant views.  As well, I’m very conscious of how natural light enters the house. Visit our Residential Architecture page to see a few of our projects.